Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jackson's First Week - The Most Photographed Baby Ever!!

Our Happy Family

Running at the track with Daddy - 5 days old

Daddy and Jackson

Daddy and Jackson again

Amazed by Grandpa Boots

His eyes are getting bluer by the day

Daddy heloping with feeding - a full-time job

Great Grandma and Grandpa

With Grandpa Boots after a run

Grandma Boots and Uncle Tom

His favorite place to sleep - right on Daddy's chest. Works every time!

Bilirubin light he had to wear to help with jaundice

Glowing like a blueberry

Big Hug!

Aunt Tracy - Becka's older sister

Aunt Katie - my youngest sister - 7 years old

I think the title says it all. Not only have I been taking all kinds of pictures, but so has Becka and my grandparents and and my mom, and everyone else who can manage to get in the door with a camera. I don't mind at all. I love potography, but the poor kid is probably gonna grow up with permanent flash spots in his eyes.


  1. Kid probably doesn't need that blue light. All the flash should take care of any jaundice! :)

  2. Wow, I didn't know you were a daddy. We are expecting our first child November 1. We are very excited.