Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Trip Home - Finally

Getting ready to go home

Getting ready to leave

Getting dressed to leave

Getting him dressed

Finally all of us

Boots Family

Boots Family


Ready to Go

First taste of the pacifier

Hanging on for dear life - Looks like he's strapped into a roller coaster.

Jackson, Becka, and one of her nurses as we were leaving the hospital at 12:39

First minute at home

His little feet were so small compared to what I thought was a small set of clothes.

Grandaddy helps calm him down a little. He loves to suck on his fist.

Becka and Jackson

We got all checked out today around 12:30 and were finally able to take our baby home. He passed all of the routine tests and the doctors said he is in great health. That is such comforting news when we've spent the last 8 months or so praying that he would be born healthy and that there would be no complications with the pregnancy. Becka did so well, too. She is one tough girl! Here are some pictures of us putting his clothes on to take him home.

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