Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Videos of Jackson Before His Second Birthday

All these are videos of Jackson from before his second birthday, which already seems like a long time ago. To me, in each of these videos he seems so small because he's grown so much in the last couple months and because now he is talking so much more and has so many more things memorized than the little things he was doing on these videos. I will post more as I get time.

Some Long Overdue Pictures of Jackson - Part 1

I normally try to fix all the pictures and add some effeects like balck and white and things like that, but because we have been so busy lately, I did not have time to do that with any of these. These pictures are so long overdue that I just wanted to get them up. I apologize for taking so long. The pictures in part one are from July - September 2011. The pictures in part two will be from October and November so far.

He loves getting a drink of whatever Mommy and Daddy are drinking.

 He has always loved water, so we gave him his first swimming pool - my concrete mixing bucket - but he loved it.

 We had our first campout together...

 Right in the front yard

Jackson's indoor playground

We decided to splurge and really go all out on a new swimming pool for him. He was outgrowing the other one. :-)

He loves reading books and having books read to him. It's amazing how much he retains. A lot of the books he has he can almost read back to us because he's memorized setences on the pages.

And every once in a while, usually on Friday night, we let him watch his video of Thomas the Train. He could sit there for hours if we let him.
This is what he does every time he gets his face washed. He tries to lick the wash cloth.

We went on a church activity to the Flying Squirrels baseball game. He is everybody's kid. He gets passed from one person to the next getting spoiled and eating all the food he wants.

He loved the fireworks, but we came prepared!

He curls up on the chair in his room to listen to music. It's amazing the number of songs he can sing all the way through - and it's not just the normal "kid songs." He loves to sing, and he's showing early promise of having a pretty decent perception of tunes.
We had a hurricane in August that knocked down a huge oak tree in our yard. It landed in the only place it could have and did absolutely no damage except to our wire fence and a couple posts. We were without power for about two days, though.

Here's a view of the tree from the back yard

Watching some football together on Saturday night. I love how he crosses his feet. He does it all the time.
Sadly, we finally had to get rid of our goats. They figured how to jump every single part of the fence so we had to let them go. Let's just say the "sadly" part at the beginning didn't apply to Becka. We got a replacement though, which I'll show you in part two. Here they are eating Doritoes a couple days before we took them away.

Jackson turns two

Then it was time to open the presents.

The card and present from Grandma Boots - a "Catch the Pirate" cd, as he calls it

The trucks he got from Mommy and Daddy for his birthday, He is really into truck, cars, and trailers.

Anything can be a road
Addicted to Thomas the Train on another Friday night.
He got a bike from Grandmommy and Granddaddy. He learned quick how to slide that thing around corners. He acts like he owns the place.

Stopping in for a drive-in cd. He comes in and listens to some of his favorite songs when they come on.
The chief videographer