Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vacation to Pigeon Forge

We went on a vacation to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee this past week. My wife's parents, brothers, and sister and their families all rented a 5 bedroom 5 bathroom house in the mountains for 5 days. It was a lot of fun. There was a small pool available for anyone staying in the houses to use. We were a little disappointed at first by how small it was, but it proved to be a blessing because nobody else came up there all week. So we had the pool to oursleves. Jackson got his first taste of the water, and w couldn't keep him out. He absolutely loved it. Here are a few pictures. I plan to put some more on as I get the time. Hopefully soon.

First attempt at sunbathing I suppose. He actually doesn't look too happy because he is already more than satisfied with his tan and he wanted to get back in.

I like this one of us.

This is a video of Jackson swimming for the first time. We discovered an accident at the end!!!

This is a video of Uncle Jason feeding Jackson some of his leftover whip cream. He was only teasing to show what he does when he is anticipating more food.

A day or two after we got home, Jackson finally put everything together with the whole crawiling thing he has been working on. This is literally one of his first times crawling more than a foot or two. I'm sorry it is sideways. I held the camera upright to get a bigger view without realizing it couldn't be turned back. Warning: Support your head with your hand or you may end up with a crick in your neck before it's over.