Monday, September 17, 2012

Alright, I realize it's been a long time since I've added any pictures and Jackson may not even be rcognizable. He's grown so much and so fast. We can't keep up with him in life, let alone on a blog! Well, he turned 3 today, or, as he says, "Free years ode." He's been waiting for this day for awhile now. The funny thing is, he told Grandmama after we had cake at his birthday party tonight, "Next time it's my birthday ya'll can come back and say Happy Birthday to me." So here are some pictures from today.
     Slowly but surely I will try to post some of the earlier ones. We've been busy. Of course with work, but also with golfing in the back yard, camping out in the tent in the front yard, hiking in the woods, and a pile of other things, so I'll try to add many of those, too.

 He was more than happy to point many times just exactly how old he was. I showed him how to do "3" and he was so excited that he "got it right, Daddy."
 The bump on the lady to the right is not the result of too many cupcakes, it is a baby boy due in a little over a month.

 Notice the "Big Brother" t-shirt that Aunt Tracy bought him. And the game, which he obviously liked.

 He couldn't wait to read the Thomas books and push the buttons to make the sounds. He loves to read books and whenever he's not outside (which is most of the time), he likes to have books read to him.
 Cake Time!!
He blew out a couple of the candles half way into "Happy Birthday"
 And dug right in

 He said the doggy licked him, so I told him to lick him back. He did.

 Grandaddy is always up for a good Thomas the Train puzzle.
 Showing me the helicopter he got as one of his presents.
 Excited about watching his train go in circles
 More Thomas!!!!!
 He got the biggest kick out of me letting it hit me in the nose so he kept trying it on himself.

 There's that sign again

 How can it get any better than this? Grandma Boots got it right. He loves Thomas, and he's gonna need some preoccupation when the new baby comes along.