Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Family - minus 1

I was able to go up to Indiana a couple of weeks ago for my brother's wedding. While I was there, I took a picture of my whole family - minus Jon who is in California and couldn't make it in for the wedding. I use this same technique on just about all of the pictures that you see me in, but I obviously cannot be standing behind the camera taking the picture and in front of it getting my picture taken - I have a wireless remote that works wonders in that area. I get Becka or whoever set up where the picture is going to be, and then I join her. The remote is so small that it is unnoticeable in my hand, and we don't have to try to put it on the self timer mode and try to run back into the picture - which is what I always used to do.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Okay, these are the last ones for now - before this blog goes official. I thought I would put a few pictures of us up there. As you probably know, Becka is pregnant, and we are excited. She is due on September 18, but I think it will be sooner. The baseball she has been carrying around on the front of her little frame is getting bigger every day. In fact, I think it may be the size of a softball by now. We can feel the baby moving a lot! If you haven't heard, it is a boy - and don't tell Becka, but I am really excited. I think I would have been fine either way, but I am going to have my boy. Whatever comes out after this is fine with me. The doctor said he is really active. I think I'll put a pair of running shoes on him an hour or two after he is born and get him started early. We'll see how that works out.