Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jackson Turns One - Already!

Well, this is the end result of the cake ceremony, but let me show you how we made it to this point.

He was pretty tired because he barely took a nap. I think he was so excited about the party that he didn't even know he was gonna have. But this is how the party started.

Still obviously pumped.

He's been learning not to touch most things in the house. He was waiting for permission.

Didn't take him long to dig in once he got permission...And a taste of the frosting.

And this is when mommy said he had enough.

Time to open presents. He was more into the wrapping like kids usually are. He did stop to look at his presents for a second or two before he played with the wrapping.

His cousins were there for all the action.

A laughing dog...that got him pretty excited.

Granddaddy and cousin Micah.


And after all the partying Momma and Jackson are both worn out and ready for bed.