Friday, October 30, 2009

He's Looking More Like a Human Every Day!

He really is cute - he hasn't learned how to be (really) bad yet!

The little tag on his shirt says it all. I've been calling him "Cue Ball" lately and you can probably tell why. He lost every little bit of hair that he did have. He is growing some very small hairs on his head and they are very very blonde. His eyes are gettting bluer every day, too. It's kinda hard to tell by the picture.

Wearing Daddy's hat

Jackson and Daddy

Jackson and Mommy - Amazingly, he isn't eating!

The faces he makes while he is sleeping are limitless.

I woke him up right after the camera went off.

Sleeping - it was amazing that I was able to catch him asleep (Yeah right!)

This is for my dad. He always used to do this to us when we were little so I figured at least he would get a kick out of it.

This is us! Not very flattering I know. It was pretty late one night and we were just sitting there and the camera was there so we took a picture.

Jackson is changing every day - for the better. He is looking more and more like a baby instead of a newborn. It's so hard to believe how big he is getting. I forgot just how fast they grow when they are that small. He is actually starting to respond by smiling and things like that now, too. I'm assuming that the next time I put some pictures on, they will have some of him smiling because he is doing it more and more.

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