Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bigger and Fatter vs. Smaller and Skinnier

Jackson and Dad

Mom and Jackson in a rare not-eating moment

Asleep in his crib

"Playing" on the floor

Ready to go for a ride.

Ever since we saw the first ultrasound, he has always loved to sleep with that hand up by his face. He still sleeps like that all of the time.

If he's not eating, he is tired and sleeping usually

Just look at the fat rolls

Bigger and Fatter would be the accurate way to describe this little baby. He is growing so fast. He has grown a couple inches in length, but he has really grown in weight. We go back for the one-month doctor visit on Monday, and I hope they have extra large scales for this chunk. On the other hand, I'm losing all the weight he is gaining. My marathon training is starting to wind down as we get closer to the race, but I can't keep any meat on my bones. I have been 165 pounds since 10th grade and now I'm down to about 150. I feel like a bean pole. Some pictures from the 10 miler that I ran 10 weeks ago can be seen here. They are from the official photography service for the race.

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