Monday, March 28, 2011

Pictures of Jackson

Sorry it has taken so long to get more pictures up here. If I had the luxury of lots of time I would love to put pictures on here every day, but unfortunately, like most of you, I don't. You know how it is. Time just gets away from me because I get busy and the next thing you know, it's been six years since I've put any pictures up. We are staying very busy here working at the church and that has taken a lot of the time. I haven't neglected taking pictures, and neither has Becka, but it takes a lot more time to fix them and put them on the blog. But here they are anyway. This is a compilation of probably three or four months worth of pictures and with Jackson changing every day, there is a wide variety. He's a good kid and the pictures prove his good nature.

At a basketball game

Helping clean the gym floor. He loves to push around anything that moves - vacuum cleaner, wagon, boxes, he's not particular.

He wasn't feeling very good this day so he was kinda in a daze. Notice his train next to him. He loves trains, buses, and tractors the most right now, but he'll certainly play with anything with wheels.

A messy lunch. He's been eating regular food since about 9 months. He's ahead of the curve on just about everything.

Relaxing after breakfast

We have a lot of fun together

He figured out a new trick - he could hold his cup in his teeth and drink with no hands. Now he drinks out of a straw or just about anything.

He rolls around in his sleep like a log on a hill. This is just one of the many comfortable positions he found himself in.

He loves hotel rooms because he can play with just about everything. He turned the table upside down and was walking back and forth through it. I told him to smile.

Annie made him this blanket and he loves it.

This is the face you get when you tell him to give you a smile.

He woke up after a nap in the car with some crazy hair.

He and everyone else loves his tie. We dress him up for church every week because you ought to give God your best no matter what age you are.

This one just cracks us up. He really loves reading and can sit in his room for an hour at a time looking at books, but he has to pick one up to look at every time he goes to get his diaper changed. Size doesn't matter.

Another one of his favorite things is pulling the shoes out of the closet and putting on shoes. He's always walking around with a pair of somebody's. Here he managed to get into my EMT boots.

I told you he loved tractors. He takes one to bed with him every night and sleeps with it. In fact, now he takes two to bed every night. I think it's great alternative to a teddy bear.

Relaxing on Saturday afternoon after visiting on the bus route. There's his blanket.

A couple night's ago he just started walking back and forth across the kitchen with his hands behind his back. So we took a picture.

More books

And balls. That's another one of the favorites. Dim...Dim...those are the words we hear every time we go near the gym.

He's got some eyelashes that a lot of women would kill him for.

This is one of my favorites of Becka and Jackson together.

Playing in the closet. He always takes my shoe trees and puts them in all the different shoes.

He enjoys a good round on the piano too. Believe it or not, he plunks out notes. He doesn't bang like most kids like to do.

Another pair of my shoes.

This is the same as the header picture that I messed with in Photoshop.

I thought this was pretty neat. Becka is almost black and white and Jackson is in color

Another one of his classics with only the reds showing. All the rest is in black and white.

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