Monday, February 15, 2010

He is Growing

This is what the most gorgeous woman in the world, the best mother, and an even better wife looks like. She doesn't get near as much attention as she deserves on this blog because she is always doing things where the camera is not, or she is taking the pictures of us. So here she is, front and center. She is the one who does all the work with Jackson - hard to believe that skinny little girl can have a baby that's as big as Jackson is. It is so obvious that God brought us together and I love her with all of my heart.

I wonder if he is going to have any skin left on his fingers when he is finally done chewing them. No, wait, he has plenty to spare.

This is one of his favorite poses

Some of these at the top are as close as I've gotten to a baby portrait of him because I haven't been able to take him to where all my camera equipment is set up. You can tell the difference between the pictures taken with my little camera and my professional camera, though.

He sits up by himself, but he can't always stay that way. But its fine with him as long as he can suck his hands.

He has two bouncy seats and all that jumping has really made his legs strong. He is so strong and resiliant and big that it really makes it hard for me to rememeber that he is only 5 months old. He acts so much older, and it's impossible to make him cry when we play.

This is a funny story. Somebody gave us this bouncy seat that they had used for their kids and it hadn't been used in a while. The spring inside the little green thing (at the top of the picture) that makes it bounce was really squeaky and not moving up and down like it should. I felt the bottom of it and it seemed solid so I sprayed some DW40 in there. It not only made the spring smoother, but I don't think his head will be squeaking any time soon either. We came back after a couple minutes of watching him bounce, and he smelled very much like DW40. It had dripped all over his head!

This is probably the reaction you'll have, too. This is his reaction after he read this story.

Uncle Jason can always get him to smile, too.

We have fun together. Can't wait til he gets big enough to hike and camp and play sports with.

Aunt Jessica. Jackson's reaction is the same one that everyone has when they see her coming and when they see half the things she does.

For some reason the thing stopped letting me put pictures on the last blog so I had to start another one and finish putting the pictures on that way. Maybe it's trying to give me a hint about too many pictures, but that's why it's slpit up into two parts anyway.

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  1. Lovely picture of Beka!! Can't believe how much Jackson is still growing! Looking forward to seeing him next month.