Thursday, November 15, 2012

It Hasn't Even Been a Week?!

The New Reality
I had forgotten the "wonderful music" that bellows from the lung pipes of a newborn.
Here we were a few minutes before we left the hospital early Monday afternoon. I thought Becka looked like she been for a walk in the park not through the valley of the shadow of death giving birth. 
Leaving the hospital

We are still trying to figure out who he looks like on either side of our families and we really can't. Here he really looks a lot like Jackson just after he was born.

As much as I don't really miss the "music," I really do enjoy having a newborn to hold again.
Beautiful Mama - not quite two days after Alex was born.

You really forget how small they are.

Despite everyone thinking that somehow Jackson was going to turn into this monster from you-know-where the second he came home with Alex, he really hasn't missed a beat. He is the same old lovable Jackson, and he really loves having Alex around. There is no sign of the horns everyone seemed to think were lurking below the surface of his little head.
It was only about 50 degrees or less today, and he couldn't wait to get permission to go outside. He figured out how to ride his bike about 6 months ago, but hadn't really been able to because the grass was too hard to ride in. I brought his bike on the deck and now he thinks he's a racecar driver. His favorite race car driver is Denny Hamwin. Just ask him.

 He loves holding Alex any chance he gets. He's learning how to be gentle. He really is and will be a good big brother.

Nobody told him to do this. Purely his idea!

 He is always staring at him and talking to him.


  1. Looks like everyone is adjusting well to Alex's arrival! Beka looks better after giving birth than I do after getting a full night's sleep! ;)

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