Saturday, August 1, 2009

Baby's Bedroom

Becka at 8 months

Becka at 8 months again

The changing table, crib, the book shelves (we have lots and lots and lots of book - these are only a small amount that would actually fit in here), and a whole pile of diapers under the bed.

The crib and Becka's chair

The crib, changing table, and chair

Another view of the crib, changing table, and book shelf. I painted the border using tape actually. I think it turned out pretty nice myself.

We recently finished getting all of the things into the baby's bedroom. There are still a lot of things on the floor and under the bed and things just because we have no other place to put them for now. You may also notice there is nothing on the walls. We do have a few pictures and I built a large shelf that will go over the changing table, but they have his name on them, and that is top secret for right now - We have to have something to suprise everyone with since we already know it is a boy. The walls are yellow and the border is blue. That was done so that when we have a girl, we can just paint over the blue and make the stripes pink. It has been a lot of work trying to get everything ready for him to come. We are excited, but if it's this much work getting ready for him, I can't imagine what it will be like after he is here - Actually, with 9 younger brothers and sisters I can. We are ready, and now we can say that Becka is due next month.

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